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Here at Moor-view kennels and cattery we also provide a dog rescue service. We offer a safe environment for dogs that have been lost or neglected. With your help we aspire to give them a second chance in life and find them the perfect home. This is a non-profitable service that is provided from the good of our hearts and any extra help from your selves is greatly appreciated. The dogs below are currently staying at Moor-View and longing for a loving friend. There is  an Adoption donation  ranging from £100  and £250 dependant on age and all dogs are vaccinated , micro chipped, treated for worms and treated for fleas .

If you would like to make a regular monthly payment to Moor-View dog rescue our bank details are as follows: sort code 40.38.23 account 51509470

PLEASE NOTE OUR NEW BANK ACCOUNT DETAILS FOR DONATIONS  CHANGED ON THE 3RD AUGUST 2015 We are extremely pleased to announce that we have received our full Charity Status. We are now a registered Charity Number 1155095



Our dogs here at Moor-View Rescue




Taz rottwieler cat freindly

Age: 7yrs     Gender:

Taz again is a big bundle of love who has lived with children cats and other dogs .. he has come into rescue with Duke .. He is not quite as strong on his lead and loves to run around on our fileds with Duke .


We would prefer a home with breed experience .

For more information please contact us on 01423 711993


duke ddb x english mastiff

Age: 3yrs     Gender: male

Duke is A HUGE soft bumndle of love .. He has lived with children other dogs and cats and in fact has come in to us with Taz a 7yrs old rottie .. Duke can very strong on his lead and wants to say hi to every dog but due to his size can be quite intimidating .. We are looking for an experienced home where Duke will get plenty of excersise and stimulation ..


Please look on moorview Face book page for more pictures of all our dogs .


He is neutered and vaccinated

For more information please contact us on 01423 711993


Barnaby young 10 month old

Age: 10months     Gender: male

Barnaby is a  very handsome bouncy pup .. He came to us from a pound after he was found straying therefore we have no previous history .. Barnaby is currently in foster care with a teenage family .. He is very  loving and wants to play with other dogs altough can be quite boisterous so he is learning to be polite .. Barnaby walks well on his harness and knows sit and paw and will take treats gentle ..

For more information please contact us on 01423 711993


Dino Neopolitan Mastiff

Age: approx 5 yrs     Gender: Male

Dino was saved from been pts at the pound he was in at the last hour .. He is a big soft cuddle monster who adores people .. We have no background on Dino therefore would like a pet free home with no young child and prefer a home with large breed experience .

For more information please contact us on 01423 711993


Dave lab cross Re homed

Age:     Gender:

*******Big Dave’s Big Day out*********

When new people ask us about volunteering we always tel them the most beneficial thing they can do for us is to take a dog away for the day and tell us what they are like outisde the rescue as they react completely differently in rescue to out and it means when people ask us questions we can give you a better picture of what this dg really is like rather than what we see in quite a resrticted environment where they don’t see much traffic and other dogs walking .

Charlene has been volunteering for a few months now and has taken Sasha away for the day and also Mary and yesterday Dave the Lab Cross

Dave is only 14 months and needs a really strong owner as he needs work on road sawefyu and lead training but really is the most gorgeous boy and such a young dog needs a home and family and not to be in a rescue when he is missing vital training time

Here is Charlene’s report on Dave and can we say thank you again Charlene this is so useful and will helpfully help find this stunning boy a new home

I was excited to hopefully picking up Davey dog and I did… Boy was he everything I love… big and beautiful!

Got him into the car boot but he didnt fancy that and move onto the back seat – until he found the new game “follow the cars”… Jumped straight back into the boot and watched all the cars go by.

We got home and went into the kitchen and he scoofed all the food in the dog bowl. We played tug of war in the garden and then did some washing, washing up and sweeping. Davey dog wasnt bothered just watched on and played in the garden and kept coming to check on me.

He was very excited to meet Chris my boyfriend as he jumped up to greet him but once the initial meeting is over and you tell him to sit… He listens and loves a good treat.

Time for the big walk to tire him out… We walked out of the house near a main road and Davey dog just pulled and pulled trying to chase the cars… We went back and put him in the car to go to a big field. We arrived at the field and Davey dog walked so much better. I think he needs work on his road skills. We met my friend Lizzie and he was such a gentleman. Everyone we walked past he wasnt bothered about… he was more intrested in sniffing the floor. Another dog decided to run up to Dave but he didnt react.

Davey dog is absolutley gorgeous and will make a great companion. He is an excitable dog at first but he calms down and is so gentle and loving. He also made no mess in the house and he loves lots of cuddles 😊.

For more information please contact us on 01423 711993


Dexter only 9 month old

Age:     Gender:

Meet Dexter
Dexter is only 9 months and has just been neutered today.
He is the most lovely boy and here because of change in his owners  working hours meaning he was going to be left. at home a lot he has found himself in rescue ..Dexter is very dog friendly  cat and child friendly and great on the lead, he is strong but walks fab on his harness and has a lovely soft nature and will roly poly on the road for a tummy tickle

For more information please contact us on 01423 711993

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