Moorview provides luxurious pens for cats offering beautiful far reaching views across the moors, near Harrogate. With safe, double-glazed pens in a secure service corridor, the pens are on three levels with fitted heaters and lighting. They have an open outlook with views across our paddocks and ponies.

We have tried to make the runs as open as possible whilst still being fully secure. There is also a family pen which caters for kittens and large families.

Special diets and medication are also catered for. We do cater for a number of cats which are diabetic and would therefore be happy to give insulin injections if required. We have cats of our own and so we know how they like to change there food from time to time. we are happy to give Tuna or sardines to our fussy eaters. All the cats get regular attention to include brushing or just some company through out the day. We provide baskets and bedding and toys to make your cats stay as enjoyable a possible, but we don’t mind if you want to bring a favorite toy or basket.


The facility is set within secluded farmlands & built to the highest welfare, hygiene and construction material standards. Our large rooms are manufactured in UPVC & glass, ventilated, spacious & bright with good natural light. We wanted every cat to have a large well ventilated room, so we chose the walk-in style units. The large insulated sleeping area is secure and private for those felines that are timid and shy. The runs are spacious to enable our guests at playtime to run, chase feathers and play on the activity frames. All rooms are individually heated (via thermostatic controls) all year round and ventilated corridors keep it cool in the summer months.


  • Every attention to detail has been thought about especially hygiene as this is a major factor of the cats welfare. We chose UPVC as it is a non porous, fire resistant material and complies to the CIEH and British Quality Standard Awards. The material construction is cleaned easily and does not harbour disease.
  • The rooms and all the items within are thoroughly disinfected before the new arrival checks in. Every item we have used in the rooms has been chosen so that they can be disinfected.
  • We follow a strict daily routine in hygiene, set out in the FAB training course, to avoid any cross contamination during a cats stay with us.
  • Cats are fussy, clean animals that love their own space, not an environment that smells of numerous other cats that have previously boarded!

Booking Reminders

  • A current Vaccination Certificate
  • Prescription Food (if applicable)
  • Medicine (if applicable)
  • Favourite Toys or Blanket
  • Brushes
  • Booking Forms and additional sheet(s) of information (if applicable)
  • For safety reasons please remove collars prior to your cats stay
  • And more importantly your Cat!
  • In a secure Carrier

Book early to avoid disappointment!

The cattery is located in a separate part of the farm and features brilliant views over the moorland and gives the cats a glimpse at our collection of ponies.

The kennels and cattery are separated by several, locked, gates to ensure they do not interfere with each other.

Number of CatsPrice Per Day
4+Please enquire


For more information please call us now on 07786008740 or click here to email us.