By completing and submitting the pet information form you accept and agree to Moorview Luxury Kennels & Cattery Terms and Conditions of boarding as shown below.

  1. All cats / dogs must be fully vaccinated and have a current vaccination certificate and all boosters must be up to date.
  2. Vaccinated certificates must be produced before the cat /dog is admitted.
  3. Warranted by the owner that the cat is vaccinated against Panleuopenia (Feline Infectious Enteriis) and Feline Viral Respiratory Disease (Cat Flu) and that the cat is fit and in sound health. All dogs must be vaccinated against Distemper, Hepetitis, Leptosporosis, and Parvovirus. Kennel cough is also recommended.
  4. It is understood that whilst every effort is made for the care and attention of the cats/dogs they are left at the owner’s risk.
  5. Rates are daily, including the day of arrival and departure.
  6. Fees are due for the whole booking period should the cat / dog be collected before the departure date.
  7. Deposits are non returnable should the booking be cancelled.
  8. All accounts must be settled in full prior to the cat / dog being removed.
  9. Moorview Luxury Kennels & Cattery reserve the right to dispose of cats/ dogs not collected within 14 days of the booked departure date.
  10. Where the owner has asked for two or more cats/dogs to share a pen, the owner accepts responsibility for any incidents that occur due to this request.
  11. I authorise you to call a Veterinary Surgeon on my behalf should it be though necessary